Oct 17, 2010

Who deserves the National League Rookie of the Year?

Coming into the 2010 baseball season, many felt that if Jason Heyward made the Atlanta Braves major league team as spring training ended, he would win the National League Rookie of the Year award (Myself included) On opening day, when he hit a homerun with his first swing, many felt he clinched the award that day. Little did anyone expect, by the end of the 2010 season, there would be eight other legitimate contenders for the award.
When you look at the candidates, you have the big names in Heyward, Buster Posey and Stephen Strasburg. You also have the names you wouldn’t expect in Gaby Sanchez and Jonny Venters. So while I have my choice, let’s look at the numbers and see what you think.
Name-Games played-Batting Avg.-Homeruns-RBI
Starlin Castro-125-.300-3-41
Tyler Colvin-135-.254-20-56
Mike Stanton-100-.259-22-59
Ike Davis-147-.264-19-71
Name-Games played-E.R.A.-W/L Record-WHIP-K
It’s safe to say that Strasburg made the biggest impact on the sport in a short period. If Strasburg had not gotten injured, we might not even be having this discussion today. As a baseball fan, I hope that he can recover from Tommy John surgery and come back to the sport as the same pitcher.
When looking at these nine candidates, the injury to Strasburg eliminates him from contention. Venters had great numbers, but the ROY award isn’t given to middle relievers. Castro and Colvin put up great numbers for the Chicago Cubs. Stanton and Davis did the same for the Florida Marlins and New York Mets, but those four don’t match up well to Posey, Heyward or Sanchez. Coming into writing this, I had picked Heyward to win the award due to the fact that he was in big leagues from day 1and Posey wasn’t. But looking at the stats, and the effect that Posey had on his Giants in their push to the NL West division crown, it’s hard to go against him. If Posey had been with the Giants from day 1, he very well could have outdone the numbers Heyward and Sanchez put up.
My top 5 for the NL ROY
Buster Posey
Jason Heyward
Gaby Sanchez
Stephen Strasburg
Ike Davis

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