Sep 30, 2011

Sodastream Fountain

As a member of BzzAgent, I have had the chance to try out some of they very best products just for spreading the message via word of mouth.  The latest campaign I want to try out is for the Sodastream Fountain.

What does it do?  Well it eliminates the need to go to the grocery store every couple of weeks to get your soda fix.  It eliminates the need for you to keep your dirty cans because of the deposits.  With Sodastream, you won't have to carry the heavy cases of soda for your kid's birthday party, or even find a plash to stash the leftovers.

In less than 30 seconds, your basic tap water will be converted to amazing soda.  From orange to root beer.  From cola to lemon/lime.  All your favorite flavors can be made in a split just by using the convenient Sodastream system. 

Not a fan of soda and don't think this will be of use to you?  Don't fret, they have sparkling teas, sparkling water, and MyWater.

If you are wondering how much each container of flavoring makes, imagine buying one of those large packages of cola at box stores, and add more to it.  Each container makes 33 cans.  Imagine the savings. 

For more information about becoming a BzzAgent, check out their site.

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