Jul 7, 2012

Shane Roller Defeats John Alessio

In the opening fight of the UFC on FX portion of UFC 148, Shane Roller took on John Alessio. Alessio came into the fight at 34-15 in his career, but was most recently seen losing to Mark Bocek in his return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The Canadian can win a fight in any facet of the sport, but had a tough test with Roller, a tough wrestler. Roller was 10-6 in his career coming in, including losses in three straight (Melvin Guillard, T.J. Grant and Michael Johnson). We have seen the UFC become more lenient when it comes to releasing fighters on losing streaks and I think Roller may continue with the promotion no matter what.

First Round
Both fighters opened the round trying to find their distance with strikes, but neither was able to garner much serious offense. More than a minute into the round, Roller landed a solid punch, but was unable to follow it up. Roller landed an inadvertent groin shot that stalled the action. After Alessio recovered, both men went straight at each other again and Roller attempted a takedown, but was unsuccessful. With about 10 seconds left, Alessio knocked Roller down with a huge punch, which stole him the round in my book.
My Scorecard: Alessio, 10-9

Second Round
Alessio opened the fight by moving straight forward and pushing Roller against the cage. Roller countered by going for a Guillotine Choke, but Alessio fought out of it, but still ended up on his back after a brief exchange. Once in the top position, Roller landed solid strikes and eventually found his way controlling the back of Alessio. Roller locked on a body triangle and then hooks in an attempt to get the finish. With the round ending, Roller went for the choke, but was unable to get it with his back to the cage.
My Scorecard: Roller, 10-9

Third Round
The round began with Alessio applying pressure and landing countless strikes to Roller. Roller took all the shots and eventually went for a takedown and succeeded. Roller maintained control on top, but Alessio fought back to the feet. Roller connected with another takedown and with about 90 seconds left, Alessio began shouting at Roller about actually fighting. With 45 seconds left, Roller locked on a body triangle and finished the round trying to get the submission, but Alessio fought out and finished the round with some strikes.
My Scorecard: Roller, 10-9 and 29-28 overall

Official Decision: Unanimous Decision (29-28x3) to Shane Roller

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